Assisted Living Trends 2018

Assisted Living Trends 2018


Change is imminent in assisted living communities across the world, and US caregivers are no exception.

What does the future hold for nursing homes and seniors looking for these services?

Senior care news confirms that most, if not all assisted living communities are increasingly becoming aware of the need to embrace innovative care solutions with a key emphasis on hospitality, which is good news to anyone planning to move into a nursing home. Understanding the dynamics encountered in the care industry goes a long way in ensuring you have a clear picture of what the future holds for the seniors of this young generation.

What the future holds for senior citizens

Elderly homes will increasingly become comfortable.

Assisted living facilities and homes for the aged are in the business of providing seniors and those in the above the muddle age comfortable environment when the time comes. Modern caregivers have gone as far as creating facilities with generous public spaces. If you prefer living in larger spaces, you have not been left out either as most communities offer one-bedroomed units loaded with unique amenities, thus raising the comfort bar even higher. While elderly homes have been attractive for most senior citizens in the past, things are now better than they were a few years back and will even get better with certainty.

Seniors are going hi-tech

The younger version of the older generation was less technology-averse than their predecessors. As seniors seek independent living options, the demand for consumer electronics in assisted living facilities continues to grow. This goes beyond things like senior-friendly phones, gaming consoles remote-controlled windows and thermostats. Nursing home owners and operators have switched gears to accommodate the increasing need for advanced consumer gadgets among the older population, which is good news for tech-savvy seniors of our time.


As caregivers realize the need to avail technology to seniors, they also need to automate their operations. With the use of administrative software/programs, caregivers are automating core administrative functions like billing, scheduling, and care plan creation. These developments are expected to improve service delivery, thus enhancing the quality of life in these facilities.

Pet-friendliness still preferred

A good number of seniors cannot imagine living without their “best friends.” A pet provides a sense of comfort and continuity to anyone’s life. In light of this, more communities have made their doors open to furry friends, which is a massive bonus for seniors with pets. In case you find some of your pet’s needs slightly challenging, some communities can help you on that.
As the younger generation makes strides towards their retirement years, assisted living facilities are expected to evolve. New ways of designing homes, automation of key processes, and the fact that seniors now understand tech matters just like the younger generation are some of the key catalysts that make the everything "perfect" for seniors and anyone planning to move into an assisted living facility.

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