Is It Worth It? Pros and Cons of Assisted Living Education

Is It Worth It? Pros and Cons of Assisted Living Education


According to the National Centre for Assisted Living, America has 28.900 assisted living communities. Of this, 52% are over the age of 85. As the number of senior citizens requiring help continues to grow, there is more need than ever for consistent and superior care offered.

Many of the assisted living facilities offer training and education for their employees. Whether you are a caregiver, dietary aid, or activity staff, you can find helpful resources for eLearning with many platforms - from Coursera to EssayPro, as well as avail of extensive training libraries online.

Taking an assisted living education program will equip you to oversee day-to-day operations and handle emergency procedures with utmost efficiency.

Need more convincing? Here are some points that elaborate on the pros and cons of assisted living education for prospective employees and employers.

Benefits of Assisted Living Education

Growing Demand for Trained Professionals

Eldercare is a booming industry, with occupations projected to be among the highest over the next ten years. Personal care aides, registered nurses, and home health aides are expected to provide over 1.6 million new jobs by 2024.

As baby boomers are retiring, there is no better time for you to consider a career in assisted living communities. It is a satisfying job, one that has both personal and professional merits.

Offer High-Quality Services

It goes without saying that assisted care works best for people who appreciate and practice kindness. However, one's emotional quotient alone is not sufficient to attend to elders.

Residents could be long-time patients. They may need continuous medical attention, along with assistance for day-to-day activities.

Additional training and education on the services are essential to ensure that each resident receives expert care at all times. This will boost the confidence of employees and make the community a better environment for all.

Increased Safety

Safety is indubitably one of the main concerns in elderly living communities. Assisted living educational programs play a significant role in ensuring that the staff is knowledgeable about handling safety issues. Crisis communications, senior neglect, infection control, and other aspects need adept skilled employees.

Assisted Living Administration Jobs

Assisted living education extends beyond the caregiving and healthcare responsibilities. Long term and retirement facilities also require individuals for organizational and leadership duties while involved in the operations.

These associate degree programs help to manage hospice, fatalities, and social services. Training in administrative jobs is necessary to know the rules, regulations, and standards relating to the operation of a healthcare facility.

Happy Work Environment

Educational resources and additional training for employees can increase work satisfaction. It helps employees to prepare for professional advancement.

On the other hand, quality care and a positive atmosphere will make it easy for residents to adapt. Moreover, it may help them thrive with sufficient attention.

With a person-centered approach, employees can help foster positive relationships within the community. This will help them stay engaged and feel comfortable.

Keep in mind that many roles in the elderly community facilities require a license. There is a specific one given by the National Association of Long Term Care Administrator Boards to work in the US. Formal education in elderly care and support could be valuable assets.

The Possible Demerits of Assisted Living Career

As far as the services are concerned, the community and the residents can only benefit from training in assisted living.

However, before choosing long-term employment in assisted living, it is imperative that one knows all about the work conditions. Not everyone is equipped for the demands of the job. Regardless of your chosen specialty, this career is rather demanding. One will need commitment, compassion, and considerable patience.

If you are in for the short-haul, then you also need to regard future job opportunities. While focusing on a specialty, having a broader knowledge of healthcare facilities would be beneficial.

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