Artificial Intelligence Technology to Monitor Elderly

Artificial Intelligence Technology to Monitor Elderly


With many elders across the world having to deal with memory loss, having to maintain their independence can become increasingly difficult. This is why a group of researchers are working together on a project that aims to use artificial intelligence (AI).

The research project, MiiHome, will be worked on by social housing provider Salix Homes, Salford Royal NHS Foundation Trust, The University of Manchester and The University of Salford, in hopes to help the elderly live more safely in their homes.

“The pioneering project has the long-term aim to help elderly people who are frail and may have problems with their memory maintain their independence by constantly monitoring their well-being using artificial intelligence (AI),” said Salix Homes in a statement.

For the project, researchers will use sensors such as Microsoft Kinect technology, the same features used in Xbox gaming systems, and fit them into individual’s homes. So far, they have fit these sensors into several properties at Salix Homes’ sheltered living schemes. “Here at Salix Homes we are rethinking the way housing services are delivered in order to cope with the demands of the future, such as an aging population, and the MiiHome project is a perfect example of this,” said Jonathan Drake, service director for business development at Salix Homes. “By utilizing mainstream technology, we hope this will provide a realistic and affordable solution to tackling one of the most critical health and social care issues of our time.”


The Salix Homes’ participants of the study will be monitored for three months by researchers at the University of Manchester. The researchers will then use this data to identify patterns and changes in behavior that could be associated with individual’s health changes. 

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