Arizona Assisted Living Regulations Tightened

Arizona Assisted Living Regulations Tightened


Advocates for senior in Arizona received good news as a Governor Doug Doucey signed a bill into law that compels referral agencies to reveal any business relationships between the referral agency and the assisted living community.  Arizonans seeking assisted living housing will now be able to obtain information about the ownership of the referral agency and the assisted living community they are looking to live in.

Also, the amount the referral agency receives for referring individuals into assisted living must be disclosed.  The increased transparency is welcome to Arizonans seeking an assisted living community.

Arizona referral agencies also say they are in favor of the legislation and will fully comply with the new bill.

According to, a private one unit in an assisted living community in Arizona is estimated to cost $42,000 a year, so those seeking the service will be happy to know that they have further information to decide on what facility to go with.

The Arizona legislature may seek further protection for seniors and families seeking assisted living options.  A bill to better allow individuals to opt out of their current referral service is being discussed.  All of these measures are being taken to give these families and seniors the best information to make the most informed choice at their disposal.

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