An Exotic xperience in Assisted Living Destination South

An Exotic xperience in Assisted Living Destination South


When billions of Dollars are being spent by US citizens for assisted living, India is not far behind when it comes to spending on assisted living for adult health care. By far the best option for health care for adults within a residential ambiance, assisted living communities are growing up in large numbers, especially in South India. According to a recent survey, the costs of assisted living in the southern part of our country are comparatively less and can be the best choice for saving on health care for adults.

assisted living in South India

Not only are the graying boomers finding an extraordinary experience in assisted living having a country club vibe and resort style living, they are finding it cheaper as compared to other states, where the cost is significantly on the higher side. Aging baby boomers are now finding  a home of their own where they can live in their own style followed by by health care services that are provided by skilled medical professionals. Neither do they have to deal with landscaping nor feel insecure, as they have the best option to stay with others of the same age. The popularity of assisted living in South India is on the rise with acres and acres of land being developed for building assisted living communities and huge investment being made to uplift the standard of living and health care for adults who prefer to lead an independent style of living after retirement.  

Amenities available at most of the assisted living communities here include

  •  adjacent shopping centers
  • swimming pool
  • club house
  • walking trail
  • tennis court.


  • When it comes to health care at these assisted living facilities, services being provided are of high standard, where round the clock monitoring is supervised by trained and qualified medical staff.
  • Assisted living is seen as a better alternative for hospice care than nursing homes, according to a study comparing the quality of such health care in nursing homes and assisted living communities, as perceived by the members of the family of elders.
  • The study revealed that 95% of the respondents felt that the hospice care at assisted living communities were excellent as compared to nursing homes, where there is a growing dissatisfaction with receiving health care for adults.

With growing numbers of assisted living communities in South India, aging boomers now have a wide option of choosing providers and potential reimbursement benefits.

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