AARP Finds Inadequate Senior Home Options in America

AARP Finds Inadequate Senior Home Options in America


The number of Americans needing long-term care will massively grow in the upcoming years, and researchers have found long-term care is already financially out of reach for many needy seniors.

The Association for the Advancement of Retired People recently published a report taking a deep dive into the state of long-term senior care in America.

The Across the States report sets out to provide comparative data across states for seniors seeking long-term care solutions.  America currently lacks comparative data on the subject, so the AARP is attempting to fill the void.

A projected tripling of the 85 and over population in the next 35 years is a huge concern for the industry.  

Currently, there are 7 people aged 45-64 for every one person over 80 years old.  But, this ratio is projected to decrease to 3 to 1.  This massive demographic shift will have an enormous impact on the labor force of the senior care industry.  Younger caregivers are needed to look after the older population, so new care methods need to be developed in order to see the elderly are looked after.

Unfortunately, low-income seniors already face an inadequate selection of senior care options.  37% of American senior citizens qualify fall in income groups that cannot financially support long-term care needs.

And, in many states the income gap is only increasing.  Impoverished areas in the South continue to suffer from low income and, in turn, poor senior care.

Also, states with a high senior population do not have enough senior care facilities to accommodate their current population.  Arizona and Florida rank near the bottom of nursing facilities per 1,000 people over the age of 85.

The AARP report findings illustrate that the country has to provide more facilities to accommodate its population’s seniors.  Infrastructure changes need to be swift if America hopes to sufficiently care for its ageing population.

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