A parachute jump when you are 100 years old

A parachute jump when you are 100 years old


Sam Westwood celebrated his 100th birthday with a parachute jump from a private runway near Bathurst. He is a local celebrity and lives in Trinity Creek near Bathurst in New South Wales.

Sam was seconded to Borneo during the Second World War, worked on the Snow Hydromechanics and 30 years ago retired to live in Trinity Creek. He has an adventurous spirit - he has twice traveled to Australia, and Uluru has climbed himself twenty years ago.

Uluru or Ayers Rock is a massive sandstone monument of 863 meters above sea level in the heart of the dry Red Center of the Northern Territory of Australia. The closest big city is Alice Springs, 450 km away. Uluru is sacred for local Australians and is believed to have begun to form about 550 million years ago. Here is the Uluru-Kata Tjuta National Park, which includes 36 red stone domes of Kata Tjuta (colloquially "The Olgas").

On the private track, friends and his family gather together to watch how he can handle the jump from that height.

Ten years earlier, just before his 90th birthday, Mr. Westwood jumped from a plane to Bathurst.

So he celebrated his anniversary. Now, 10 years later, he puts the parachute again. But he does not bounce alone, but with his grandson, and his grandson is not inspired enough by the attempt to join his grandfather's adventure. And yet he jumps with him. But the grandson is no longer enthusiastic about the further experience.

After the jump, Mr. Westwood promised his daughter and the whole family not to repeat this experience again and will not jump on any planes: "I'm glad I did. This is my last dive and I will not do it again. From now on I will live a peaceful life and have a beer from time to time. "To this, his family and community are skeptical, how do you trust a man with an adventurous spirit?

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