83-year-old Shaman Kept Girl in Cave for 15 Years

83-year-old Shaman Kept Girl in Cave for 15 Years


Kept in a cave for 15 years, a woman identified only as HS is now 28, and has been rescued from a crevice between large rocks near Galumpang village.

According to an article by Jakarta Post, she was kept captive by an 83-year-old Indonesian witch doctor named Jago, who tricked her into having sex with him.

“We found the victim in a gap between rocks,” Tolitoli police Chief Muhammad Iqbal Alqudusy told the Jakarta Post. “When he treated people, [Jago] would act as if he was being possessed, so many people believed him.”

In a news conference, authorities stated that HS, who was 13 at the time of captivity, was shown a picture of a boy named Armin who she thought was her boyfriend. HS believed that Armin’s spirit had entered Jago’s body. It was reported that Jago also told HS that the spirit was guarding the hole where she was hidden to stop her from exiting the cave.    

“The victim seems to have been brainwashed, making her afraid to run away and afraid to meet other people because she was being watched by a jin (spirit),” said Sugeng, a village resident, to Jakarta Post.

HS’ sister was married to Jago’s son, which is reportedly how they were introduced. The shaman told the victim’s parents when HS went missing that she had gone to Jakarta to find work.


The 83-year-old will face charges under Indonesia’s child protection laws and could face up to a maximum of 15 years in prison.  

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Jodelle Maglaya
Jodelle Maglaya

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