Oregano (Marjoran)  and Rosemary

Oregano (Marjoran) and Rosemary


When used regularly, marjoram is a great addition to a healthy diet. Two tablespoons of marjoram is packed with antioxidants, vitamins, and other nutrients.

Oregano has been known to mankind since Antiquity.


Old Greeks and Romans believed that it brought happiness to the newlyweds.

Marjoram is a perennial plant, spread in Asia, North America and Europe, and the herb is located in mountain and hilly areas up to 1600 m above sea level. The plant is also known as Balkan tea. The Balkan tea grows through stony places and rare forests. Prefer neutral and alkaline soils with pH 6-8.

Oregano is a bush of semi-woody species with erect and scattered stems and reaches a height of up to 80 cm. It belongs to the plant Coated-seeds, class Bicolor, family Labiatae. The leaves of Balkan tea are gripped to the stalks located opposite, have an oval shape and are about 4 cm long.

The tops of the plant are branched and its heads form umbrella-like inflorescences with colors dyed pink, pink or pale-violet.
Oregano may have bipolar or single-sex female colors, basically, these colors are pollinated by bees. The flowering period is in the summer – June - July. The plant also produces fruit that is yellowish brown and has a round shape.

The leaves and the colors of the oregano are used. It should not be used in pregnant women and women who are breastfeeding. If you are allergic to basil, lavender, peppermint, sage - do not use the herb better, because it can cause at least stomach problems.

Marjoran has chemical ingredients like : water, essential oil, vitamins A and K, flavonoids, magnesium, iron, calcium, tannins, ascorbic acid.

Oregano essential oil provides anti-viral protection to the human body, promotes hormonal balance in man, this oil is used to combat fungal infections and is also used in the perfumery industry. In addition, the chemical components of the plant help to neutralize harmful free radicals in the body, have antitumor activity, are used against insomnia and diabetes.

Here are some ideas for using marjoram as a curative herb:

1. You can relieve the suffering of a migraine by inhalation with leaves from the plant;
2. You can also use a paste, made from leaves, for sensitive skin;
3. In case of digestive problems, oregano tea is used. This is done by pouring about 15 grams of the herb with 200 ml of boiling water, allowing the mixture to cool down, straining and taking it by mouth.

Rosemary as a herb is known to mankind from ancient times, too.


In the wild nature, it can be met in the Mediterranean, the regions of the Aegean, the Marmara and the southern Bulgarian and Turkish Black Sea.

Rosemary contains the chemical ingredients such as : vitamins A, B and C, essential oil, camphor, flavonoids, rosmarinic acid, pectin, resins, triterpene acids, potassium, calcium, magnesium, iron. The essential oil of the herb is used, its leaves are picked during flowering, blossoms are used, too.

Rosemary has antioxidant, antiseptic and anti-inflammatory action, increases the immunity of the human organism. Helps with nerve disorders and epilepsy.

Here are some ideas for using rosemary as herb:

1.If you have headaches, you can use rosemary tea. One teaspoon of the plant is poured with about two-thirds of a cup of water and boil for a few minutes. The mixture is allowed to cool, but the liquid should not be taken up before sleep because it also has the effect of boiling coffee;

2. In neuralgic pain, two soup spoonfuls of dried rosemary, basil and thyme are mixed. Pour over 400 ml of boiling water and boil for two hours. The liquid is drunk three times a day before meals for one cup for up to 5 days, you will need more of the portions described at the beginning of the recipe.

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