What is assisted living facilities?

What is assisted living facilities?


For those who prefer to live independently, but require a long-term care for seniors at their own residence now have the best option in getting assisted living facilities. Senior citizens, disabled persons, and adults needing personal care can find a better way of living through assisted living services for long-term or on a short-term basis. In short, the facilities that can be availed include medication management, meals, dressing, bathing, and transportation. Although what is assisted living facilities may sound like a new concept, assisted living has long been considered as one of the best options in senior care, especially, when it is for a long term. 

What is assisted living

With a wide range of services being provided by assisted living or at home personal care, the number of such communities are now on the rise and is considered the fastest growing personal care for seniors on a long-term basis. Seniors looking forward to living independently but with a little assistance or disabled persons who need personal care within the settings of their home can now lead a golden phase in their lives without having to bear any anxiety or the trauma of spending sleepless nights. Now, coming to what is assisted living facilities, here is a short synopsis that is self-understandable and which highlights the benefits of personal or nursing care at home together with other services that are required on a day to day basis. 

  • Basic housekeeping – Services that are required on a daily, weekly or less frequent basis.
  • Security and supervision for 24 hours – Round the clock monitoring of the house premises and supervising the daily requirements.
  • Exercise and health programs – Following up on exercise and health programs as advised.
  • Daily meals – Making arrangements for daily meals
  • Laundry – Providing laundry services as and when required.
  • Transportation – Arranging transportation to visit places as and when required, like attending the church masses, visiting a library or even visiting a friend or a relative living nearby. 
  • Social programs – Providing assistance for attending social programs
  • Access to medical care services – Providing assistance for getting access to medical care, whether at home or outside. This includes assistance during an emergency like calling a doctor or taking the patient to a medical care center.

With more and more adults and handicapped persons finding the benefits of what is assisted living facilities, this concept has become indispensable in life for those who want to live independently with some help to make the world a better place to live in.

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