Seniors In Living Homes and Technology

Seniors In Living Homes and Technology


If you or a loved one is staying in a living facility designed for seniors, you know that the days can feel long at times and the pace of life is generally quite slow. Many homes like these have some programs or classes put on by the staff, and perhaps some on-site amenities like a pool or walking track, which are important for keeping up socialization and physical fitness in seniors. Mental stimulation and entertainment are equally as important though, which is why we are convinced technology can have an important role in the senior living environment.

Many people may cringe at the thought of trying to teach their elderly parents or grandparents how to use a smartphone or tablet, but the truth is that many of these products are starting to become more and more senior-friendly. Apple has many accessibility settings that can be used for people with hearing or eyesight problems, such as making the font larger or implementing speech-to-text. Tablets are also increasingly popular choices for seniors, with many of them having large screens and fairly intuitive use. With tools and measures like these, seniors can quickly get accustomed to using technology to keep their minds sharp, as well as to remain in close touch with their friends and family.

As for specific uses, there are plenty of games available for mobile devices that can keep the mind sharp and occupied for long periods - and in some cases double as social experiences. Seniors can entertain themselves and also stay in touch with loved ones through games like Words Like Friends, a simpler, digital version of a game like Scrabble or Bananagrams. Other options include app-based crossword puzzles or even digital board games. Friends living in the same facility can play together electronically too, providing an important sense of community. In fact, while plenty of elderly people play games together already, technology and the internet open up a world of options that wouldn't exist otherwise. For more ideas, you can browse the app store on your own phone or look online to find more games appropriate for older users.

In addition to playing together within a living facility, today's seniors also have the ability to connect to the world to play other sorts of games - most notably some of the same casino-style games many of them may have grown up with. With online gambling becoming legal in more and more of the U.S., classic games like poker, blackjack, roulette, and even slots and bingo, are becoming more available online. And while most seniors likely won't be interested in getting too deep into the real-money versions of these games, plenty of the gambling sites gaining popularity provide free, passive entertainment as well. In other words, a few spins on a slot reel can be just a tap away.

Hopefully, these examples have helped to convey some of the benefits of introducing more technology into the senior living environment. Whether you're a relative looking to give an elderly loved one a holiday gift or an even a caretaker looking to improve the facility you work in, you should absolutely consider using more modern personal tech. Provided clear instruction where necessary, it really can make a positive difference.

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