6 Shocking Reasons You Aren't Losing Weight

6 Shocking Reasons You Aren't Losing Weight


Are you trying to lose weight for a long time but are unsuccessful? What could be the reason behind it? Is it to do with your weight loss diet plan or your workout style.

It is also important to clear unwanted toxins from your body for losing weight. Active Digestit colon cleanse ingredients in Digestit colon cleanse are best for detoxification. Listed are 6 shocking reasons why you aren't losing weight, read on.

1. You don't drink enough water

Are you drinking enough water to lose weight? Its believed that water has a fat burning capacity. So if you drink eight to twelve glasses of water in a day, chances are you'll lose fat at a faster rate.

If you are on a weight loss diet plan, then its important to consume water. By drinking enough water, you'll suppress your appetite and that will help in weight loss.

2. You don't Sleep well

If you don't sleep for eight hours, then it can affect your weight. An irregular sleeping pattern can cause hormonal imbalance in the body. It affects your food cravings and appetite. People who don't sleep well often end up eating more than required.

You can't take chances if you are on a weight loss diet plan. Stick to your sleeping pattern to maintain your ideal body weight.

3. High protein foods

High protein foods help to build your muscle mass, so it is important to include such foods in your daily diet plan. High protein foods help if you do a strenuous workout session. You can include lots of natural food sources for a high protein diet.

Have eggs or soya if you are a vegetarian. The right veggies can make a difference in your diet and that'll affect your weight-loss session.

4. Low cal foods

Are low cal foods low cal? You need to think again. Low cal foods come with a label and you have these foods daily. But, the packaging is not always right. Some low cal foods that come with label do have false claims.

These foods might have extra sodium or extra chemical additives. You need to vary on these foods. Don't have low cal foods if you are on a weight loss diet plan.

5. Too much healthy food

Do you know if you eat too healthy, then you are going the wrong way? Too much of everything can also affect your body.

You need to maintain a balanced diet for weight loss. Include all kinds of food sources that can help you lose weight. A small portion of everything can make a difference. Don't restrict yourself from any food option.

6. The right workout

There is a workout for every type of weight loss. Apart from walking or yoga, you need to choose a workout that suits your body. A workout that'll help you shed those extra kilos and calories without affecting the muscle mass.

Talk to your trainer about your suitable workout plan. You need to stick to that workout plan for losing weight if you want good results.

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