Natural Remedies Relieving Joint Pain

Natural Remedies Relieving Joint Pain


Joint pain is a common condition in people of all ages and backgrounds, although it is more pronounced in older adults. Joint pain can result from the inflammation of the bones and cartilages in the joints. Such aches can also occur as an underlying symptom of some other health conditions. A common reason for joint pain is arthritis, which is more evident among seniors and people actively involved in sports.
It is essential to know that the best way to relieve pains like those in the joints rests regularly. Whenever the body is tired, muscles and bones are the first to feel the impact. The joints warn us by sending pain signals to the brain through nerve impulses. Whenever one feels pain in the joints, they should know that it is time to rest.

Joint pain, regardless of the cause, can be uncomfortable. It affects one’s performance and can reduce the quality of life. Aside from resting, there are some other simple and natural remedies to help combat joint pains whenever they surface:

1. Hot Or Cold Therapies

Applying moderate heat or ice to joints can help relieve the pain if painful joints result from inflammation. Also, one can reduce swelling by using a cold compress to the affected part. Besides, a cold compress will also reduce pain by cutting nerve impulses that induce pain. Likewise, hot compresses help relax stiff joints and increase blood flow to the joints. You can have a hot or cold compress by placing a water bottle filled with hot or cold water on the affected joint.

Another hot or cold therapy method is to drink warm tea such as green or herbal teas made from organic herbs. Teas are an excellent stress-relieving agent that promotes sleep. It also has anti-inflammatory properties qualifying it as a whole bag of goodness when joint pain treatment is involved. Herbal drinks are one of the most effective ways to relax the body quickly. At the same time, the anti-inflammatory properties of the herbs go to work immediately. Dandelion, Eucalyptus herbal drinks are one of the ideal options.  

2. Take Cannabis Edibles

CBD or cannabidiol is an active constituent of the cannabis plant and has become a natural remedy for joint pain over time. CBD has been proven to have a remarkable analgesic effect and with no euphoric or 'high feel' effect when taken. As demonstrated by researchers, a significant cause of joint pain is stress.

When taken, CBD can reduce anxiety and stress symptoms, aiding sleep, which reduces the causative factors of joint pain. This piece of research states the effectiveness of CBD for almost all ages. The wonderful thing about CBD is that one can avoid its oral intake or apply it as it suits each person in the form of oil, powder, cream, or gel, which one can rub directly on affected areas. In other words, you can take CBD in capsule form, cannabis edibles, or as an oral spray.

3. Natural Food Supplements And Herbs

Nature always has its way of combating health issues. There are various herbs and natural food supplements which help relieve joint pain. Natural supplements like turmeric, aloe Vera, ginger, green tea, eucalyptus oil, and apple cider vinegar are known as joint pain remedies.

Aloe vera and ginger are famous for their anti-inflammatory properties. Aloe Vera gel is handy when joint pains come knocking. Ginger and turmeric can be taken as tea when soaked or boiled in hot water. You can also add any of them to your food when cooking.

4. Exercise And Weight Management

Sometimes, we need to determine whether the frequent joint pains are not a result of an underlying condition such as obesity. Being overweight puts substantial pressure on joints, especially those found in the lower body parts, such as joints of the knees and feet. Therefore, it is crucial to keep the Body Mass Index at recommended levels.

Strongly tied to weight management is exercising. Exercising will hasten weight loss and help relax muscles, and keep joints flexible. Older people can consider less tasking exercises like walking, cycling, or using a slow-paced treadmill. Exercise will also stimulate the body to produce endorphins, which are pain and stress-relieving hormones.

5. Meditation

Experts recommend meditation as a means of relieving joint pain and promoting general wellbeing. The mediation will also go along with any of the natural remedies already mentioned. When stressed, the body releases hormones that can accentuate joint pains, but meditating can induce calmness to an already stressed body system. As a result, the stress-causing hormones are ebbed away and replaced with endorphins, which help relieve pain. Relaxation will also rejuvenate the body and bring unwilling cells and cramped muscles back to life.

Mindfulness-based meditations are the best for joint pains and related symptoms.


Those who maintain a particular posture for too long are also prone to joint pains since they put a lot of their weight in a specific joint for too long. While at work, try to switch positions from time to time. Take a short walk or do a quick stretch and ease your joints of all the tension. As you try these natural remedies, ensure to contact your doctor if symptoms persist. Some natural dietary supplements can also pose risks if used for too long. Natural supplements such as stinging nettle, bromelain, and the likes should only be taken after a healthcare practitioner has approved them for your use.

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