Medicare is there for you?

Medicare is there for you?


Yes, Medicare is there for you for covering the costs of assisted living, which is good news. You can now get some respite from bearing some part of the assisted living costs covered by Medicare. The following information will help you to know which costs are covered by Medicare and which are not.

Take for instance, if a resident of an assisted living facility suffers from any wound and is treated by a qualified doctor or a skilled nurse, the costs for such treatment is covered by Medicare. This will include cost of medicine, prescription drugs if any, and the fees of the doctor or the nursing staff. Besides, an occupant may have to be shifted to a nursing home for emergency purpose, where the costs of such medical care are covered by Medicare, but for a maximum of 5 days stay at the nursing home. This is for medical care for a short term. Now let us discuss about the other costs that include:

  • eye care
  • dental care
  • routine checkups
  • cost of fitness programs
  • prescription drugs

Which are also covered by Medicare provided there is an agreement to the effect with the concerned assisted living facility. Another thing is that, such types of costs must be mentioned in Part A and Part B under the Medical Advantage Plans in order to get the benefit of insurance coverage by Medicare.


There are other ways to get the benefit of insurance coverage from Medicare, but in an indirect way. The costs of prescription drugs that are prescribed by a qualified doctor and for wellness programs are also covered by Medicare. This falls under Part D of the Medical Advantage plans. To get the benefit of assisted living costs covered by Medicare, you will need to pay a monthly premium, which ranges between $ 130 to $ 150. There is also an option for advance coverage decision so that you can be assured of coverage of costs of medical services that are necessary, by Medicare. When the costs of assisted living in the USA is about $ 3,150, i.e. about $ 42,000 per annum, Medicare can provide you with some benefit of insurance coverage that may be of great help for you.

To get more information, you have the option to search over the internet or contact directly with the concerned assisted living community where your loved one is a would be resident.

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Sholem Berkowitz
Sholem Berkowitz

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