Life For More Than 100 Years

Life For More Than 100 Years


There is one place in the world where living a hundred years is not only an opportunity but also a reality.

In the village of Tiana on the island of Sardinia, the centenarians are three times more than in the rest of the island, as well as all over Italy. The first senior person to live in the world for 110 years lived in this village, Antonio Todde, who died in 2002. Here we will look at the social atmosphere and its impact on the length of life, yet we do not forget the nature-friendly way of life.
 Active lifestyle in the village's public life, a caring attitude in the family, support of relatives provide psychic balance to the individual, as well as his good health. Observations here show that family care and attention and active participation in community activities help maintain a healthy mental state that is crucial to overall well-being.

 Living in such a graceful atmosphere, Antonio-Tonino's son hopes to live to a deep old age.Now a "blue zone" is called where a population lives longer than other regions. The Blue Zone on the island of Sardinia has several places where the life expectancy of people is much higher than the average. Unlike the rest of the world, there is a phenomenon - the number of women is as much as men, while more girls are born in the world than boys - approximately 54% to 46% in favor of girls. As a "blue zone," we will mention the areas of Costa Rica, Greece, Icaria and Nicholas. Today, no one denies that life expectancy depends on social life, the waking memory that develops regardless of age.

But in a dynamic life, a person experiences not only pleasant but also very unpleasant moments. People in the "blue zone" overcome them by supporting each other. And not only that - they try to have more pleasant experiences. On the island of Sardinia, with lonely settlements, the family plays a key role in longevity. Here, as a head of a family, you feel not only responsible for relatives, but you have to be active and see things forward, for the well-being of loved ones. To that, we will add religion, diet and genetic heredity.

Here the elderly are not sent to social homes, but relatives and relatives take care of them.

Seniors are valuable with their knowledge and are a resource for community development. The primary burden of household duties falls on elderly people, but this does not make them socially isolated. They organize and participate in the village events held in the main square, which is a place for social contacts. In addition, afternoons are time to play cards, communicate and share again in this square.

Some elderly people lead a more independent, independent life, but they are always welcome in younger families where they provide help in housekeeping and raising children. The more engaged they are with physical and mental activities, the more their minds are more insightful and quicker. Thanks to the security that the population feels in their everyday life, depression here are a rare occurrence, which speaks of social comfort provided by the community.

The longer the human mind is awake and sharp, the more a person is more useful to loved ones and oneself. This is not only the geographical location of the settlement, the natural resources, the genetic heritage, and the organization of social life.

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