How Ketones as Brain Fuel Can Prevent Alzheimer's Diseasе

How Ketones as Brain Fuel Can Prevent Alzheimer's Diseasе


Description: Is it possible to stop the continuing deterioration of the brain after being diagnosed with Alzheimer's? Or prevent it in the first place? Alzheimer's develops when the brain starts losing its ability to use glucose for energy. But maybe it could use the ketones instead?

What if you could stop your brain from deteriorating with age and stop worrying about developing Alzheimer's? The good news is that with the right kind of eating you can. So what is the best anti-Alzheimer's diet? Well, the latest research suggests that it's the ketogenic diet. Why is this so? Because your brain can use ketones for energy instead of glucose. The aging brain's inability to use glucose as an energy source is one of the main reasons for its deterioration. But isn't it super difficult to reach ketosis? Not necessarily. With the help of the best exogenous ketones, you can accelerate the process and make it easier. So let's get into more detail on how ketones can prevent Alzheimer's. This article goes through everything you need to know about it.

Understanding Alzheimer's

As mentioned before, the main reason for the brain's deterioration is its eventual inability to use glucose for energy. As people get older, they lose the capability to efficiently absorb blood sugar. But the human brain requires a continuous supply of energy to work properly. Without enough fuel, the neurons will starve, and the brain networks will lose their stability. To make matters worse, this starvation can even lead to brain shrinkage and death of its cells, resulting in a cognitive function decline. 

But could the aging brain use ketones for energy? Before we take a closer look at that, let's get one thing straight. Alzheimer's disease does not mean that the further decline of the brain is inevitable. Studies have shown great results for patients who are willing to make changes in their lifestyles. Alzheimer's diet and exercise go hand by hand and can charge your brain with new energy.

Now let's get to the ketogenic diet.

How the Ketogenic Diet Can Help With Alzheimer's

Get this: if metabolizing glucose becomes inefficient, the brain can still easily use ketones for energy. And where do you get ketones from? One of the best ways to force your liver to produce ketones is to go on a ketogenic diet. This way of eating means consuming very little carbohydrates and lots of fats.

If staying on the ketogenic diet seems too hard for you, there's another way of producing the desired ketones. What are we talking about? One way to raise ketone levels in your blood artificially is to consume MCT oil.

MCT oil for Alzheimer's treatment has a downside, though. The levels of ketones will be raised for only a short period of time. So if you're looking for more long-lasting effects, you should still try dieting.

But the bottom line is: inability to use glucose is not a big problem for the brain as we used to think. Ketones can help us out.


If you're searching for how to prevent Alzheimer's disease naturally, then you might want to try out the ketogenic diet. It provides the brain with much-needed energy once glucose breakdown slows down. So, go ahead and give the ketogenic diet a go. You've got nothing to lose.
What do you think of our little guide on how ketones as brain fuel can prevent Alzheimer's? Did we give you enough encouragement to try the ketogenic diet out? Leave your comments below, we'd love to hear from you. Your opinion is important to us!

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