How to Get Back on Track With Your Fitness Routine After Vacation

How to Get Back on Track With Your Fitness Routine After Vacation


Regular physical activity and a healthy diet form an essential part of living a healthy life. We might be following a healthy routine in our daily life. But, continuing the same lifestyle becomes quite difficult, while we are on vacation. During vacation, we all look forward to visiting and exploring new places, trying their cuisines, etc. Hence, following a healthy diet plan might not be a good idea.

Vacation is a time when each day is a cheat day. Most of us convince ourselves that we’ll go back to our healthy lifestyle once the vacation period is over. However, going back to the old healthy habits might not be that easy. Only the highly self-motivated individuals are the ones who immediately start living their old healthy lifestyle from the day of their return. Whereas, for others recovering from the vacation break is not that easy.

If your vacation has interrupted your health regime then, below are a few simple steps that might help you in going back to your fitness routine.

1. Eat a healthy meal as soon as you get back

One thing that gets most affected during our vacation is our dietary habits. After eating all those extravaganza meals, make sure that once you are back, you will focus only on healthy food. Try having more fresh fruits, vegetables, and whole-food grains. In case you are too tired to cook a meal then instead of buying a donut or pizza, get some yogurt, fruit or salads.

To make things easier, you can look for food items that would appease your taste buds but are also healthy. For example, rotisserie chicken, seafood, etc.

2. Avoid fast food for some days

Our taste buds get activated during our vacation. We get used to eating tasty, yummy, and not so healthy food. Even when we are back, most of us crave that kind of food. Keep one thing in mind, consumption of junk and unhealthy food has already caused a lot of damage to our health. However, the damage intensity is more in the people who were trying to lose weight before going on holidays. Once you are back, avoid having fast food. Drink lots of water and try to shift your focus on a healthy and nutrient-rich diet.

If you want to continue with your aim of losing weight, a healthy diet, quality sleep, drinking water, and regular exercise would be your key to success. You can even take weight loss supplements for faster results. Phentermine is believed to be very useful. You can get a "phentermine prescription" on the internet also.

3. Choose the activity you enjoy

Fitness routine is incomplete until we indulge ourselves in any kind of regular exercise or any physical activity. Most of us are not able to continue our exercise regime or workout sessions during vacations. As a result, we end up missing our exercise regime even after returning home.

After coming back from the holiday, we get busy with our job and other household responsibilities. It takes some time to get everything back on track. This time can be 1-2 days or more. By the time we are done, we might lose our motivation for regular exercise. If you are also facing the same problem, then maybe it’s time to enroll yourself in a workout session that you enjoy doing. For example, if you like dancing, join some dancing classes. The point is when we enjoy doing something, we look forward to it. As a result, the of missing the session would be quite less, and you will end up losing some calories that too, with a happy face.

You can choose any kind of activity. It can be yoga, dance sessions like salsa, Zumba, etc., swimming, tennis, etc.

4. Start a workout plan and stick on it

Setting a fitness goal is essential. Our fitness goal acts as a motivating factor for us. Once you have set a goal, make a workout plan accordingly. You can do this yourself or can even take the guidance of a professional.  For example, if you have made a plan that you will do any kind of physical activity for 25-30 minutes daily, then make sure that you follow it.

You can always start by making simple and easy workout plans. For example, taking stairs instead of the lift, to cover nearby distances on foot or using a bicycle, perform yoga for 10-15 minutes, etc. Once you get used to these simple activities, you can stretch your limits and make a new workout plan. The aim is not to push your body too hard after the vacation. Try to follow step by step approach. Give your body some time to recover from the effects of the holidays.

Making a plan is easier, but sticking to it is more complicated. Be honest to yourself, and make sure to follow the workout plan laid by you. In the beginning, try to set easy and achievable fitness goals. This would keep you motivated. With time you can increase the difficulty level of your fitness goals.

If you are not able to follow your workout plan, then look for some motivating factors. For example, look for a workout partner. Missing on your workout session would become more difficult when you have a workout buddy. 

5. Let it go

Vacation means relaxing our body and mind. It is time we enjoy with our friends or family. So, if you were not able to eat healthily or continue with your gym routine during vacation, it’s okay. No need to feel guilty or bad about it. Believe me, people who can manage to go on vacation are fortunate as they could manage to free themselves from the pressure of official and other social responsibilities. Holiday allow us to spend some time with ourselves.

Just think about all the beautiful moments of your vacation. Missing of workout sessions, increase in weight are all minor issues. Feeling guilty about them will not go any good. It might result in depression. So, just let it go.
However, once you are back, try to get back to your original healthy routine as soon as possible.

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Jessica Ann has written many blogs across the spectrum, but specializes mainly in weight loss and dieting. With several years in the field, Jessica has been helping people get healthy and is dedicated to providing information for those who need it.

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Jessica Ann

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