Deep Rooted Failures In Minnesota's Elderly Living Facilities

Deep Rooted Failures In Minnesota's Elderly Living Facilities


 Deep Rooted Failures In Minnesota's Elderly Living Facilities Opens The Pandoras Box.  According to a report prepared by the Legislative Auditor on the state of Menisotas Assisted Living Facilities, there lie deep routed issues in the management of such facilities. The Legislative Auditor on Tuesday, March 6th, 2018, gave out a report that showed massive failures on the part of the Office Of Health Facilities Complaints (OHFC).

This is the department that is in charge of monitoring all complaints filed by patients- including those living in nursing homes. The Office of the of The Minnesota Legislative Auditor revealed in the report that the senior care facilities patients are not being protected as they should be.  The report states categorically that OHFC lacks the goodwill, effective case management systems, and suffers from dysfunctional office culture. These issues have already started raising eyebrows in the public eye, with many individuals questioning the actual states of the elderly living conditions.

According to the report, the OHFC is not performing its duty of informing the relatives of any cases of maltreatment. The Health Department lacks a data management system- making it practically impossible to track down any reported cases.   The report further puts the State of Minnesota elderly living conditions on the spot by stating that the OHFC has a dysfunctional office culture. It was found that the office lacks properly written policies, there is lack of confidence in leadership, and suffers from issues of staff turnover. The report was prepared due to an Audit carried out on Minnesota Assisted Living Facilities in November last year.  What Ails The Elderly Living Systems?

This report is just but a tip of the iceberg on issues ailing the entire assisted living homes system.

There have been reports of negligence in Government facilities and some private facilities. In some instances, patients have failed to be administered with their medication. It has been realized that some of the negligence issues reported are directly related to health insurance covers i.e. elderly health policies in relation to the facilities policies. These new revelations are probably to get some actors in the sector jump to action to make things better. However, before that happens, it still remains the responsibility of family members to ensure that the elderly are taken care of in a good facility.   


Before taking any elderly to any facility, you should check out its reputation, its ratings, its health care policies, and the insurance plans they accept. While most facilities operate on Medicare, there are exceptional. You should be sure that the individual being taken to the nursing home will be safe. You should also make follow-ups to see if there are any complaints from the patients.

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