The Dangers of Sleeping Late

The Dangers of Sleeping Late


For a person to stay fit, it is crucial to eat well, exercise, and sleep early. Unfortunately, with technology being so rampant and hands-on in our lives, our lifestyles have changed drastically down the years. A few years back, people would sleep early and wake up early in the morning for work; now, the dynamics have changed. In the pursuit of achieving more, young millennials overlook many important things. However, it is not just the young lot that has changed; even senior people are so grabbed with the Facebook feeds so much that it becomes difficult to look up at the sky — sleeping late is widely growing epidemic that has serious repercussions. In this article, I will guide you through some of the dangers of sleeping late, you must know.

1. Greater risk of death

Surprised or shocked? This is true; if you sleep less, you are at a higher risk of dying early from any cause. People who sleep less than 5 hours per night are at a higher risk of dying from a heart stroke or sudden attack as compared to those who sleep for 6 to 8 hours. So if you’re not sleeping enough, you can kill yourself.

2. Stress

People who don’t put their brains at rest are anyways going to have a lot of stress to cater for. When you don’t sleep early and have to wake up early in the morning for work, how will you be able to stay fresh and active for work? When you don’t sleep enough, your body releases the stress hormones naturally. So you better pull up your socks.

3. Poor decision making

An incorrect decision can have negative consequences not just for yourself but for others who have a stake in what you decide. Many portions of the brain are linked to decision making. When you don’t give your brain a lot of rest, it is natural for it to function half of its capacity. This means you won't be able to navigate good decisions.

4. Sex drought

Since you’re not sleeping enough, your habit will hurt your spouse. When you get back home from work, you won't be able to choose between sex and sleep appropriately. Sleepy people tend to be lazy all day and thus don’t have a healthy love life either. So you better choose what you want to do with yourself.

5. Depression

This is the worst form of mental health issue, which can disturb a person’s life to a great extent. Research says that sleep and depression are interrelated. Another research suggests that people who have insomnia stand higher chances of suffering from depression as compared to those who sleep regularly.

6. Weaker eyesight

With mobile phones being widely used by people all across the globe, it is common for everyone to stay awake in the wee hours of the night on social media. This problem is widely regarded as a millennial thing as young people are addicted to their phones. If you are reading as a concerned parent, you can install webwatcher in your kid’s phones to keep an eye on their browsing and the time they spend on their phones. Weak eyesight has many negative repercussions, such as not being able to read, writing difficulties, etc.


It is very crucial to get a good night sleep on time; otherwise, the body will go through serious issues. People who sleep early are the ones who can enjoy the maximum benefits of a healthy life.

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