Assisted Living Costs Medicare

by Sholem Berkowitz

Posted on 2018-01-16

It is quite natural that before you decide on giving any of your loved one to an assisted living community, the costs for such living should be first taken into consideration. Here is a guide that can help you take an informed decision regarding the coverage of the costs if any.

If you are in the notion that the assisted living costs is covered by Medicare, it is not. Medicare does not cover the costs of assisted living directly, but there are ways by which you can avail the benefit. The costs of hospital and medical expenses are covered under Medicare Part A and Part B under the Medical Advanrage Plans that include include routine dental care and drug coverage. Most assisted living facilities offer services in skilled health care, such as treatment for wounds that are provided by a qualified and trained nurse, and is thus covered by Medicare. Other costs of assisted living that may be covered by Medicare include routine vision, dental and hearing checkups, prescription drugs and fitness programs where there is such an agreement for coverage. For short term stays in nursing homes where skilled facilities are provided, such costs is covered under Medicare Part A plan.

Assisted Living Costs Medicare

There are certain costs related to inpatient respite that covers costs of care up to 5 days for patients with terminal illness are covered by Medicare. To be eligible for availing such benefits, your assets and income are considered, which does not include your home and vehicle. The eligibility criteria to get certain costs of assisted living costs Medicare vary from state to state, details of which are available on the internet. There are certain insurance plans introduced by Medicare that offer coverage of costs for certain expenses on assisted living for seniors. There are also some state aided finding options that cover a portion of the costs of assisted living in case you have a limited income and resources. You can call the Elder Care Location or speak to a healthcare provider, a social worker or a counselor to get an authentic information about the Medicare coverage of the costs of assisted living. Other options for funding include Medicaid and other state aided programs that you can find tailored to meet your needs.

It is important to first understand the benefits of assisted living costs Medicare, which you can get by contacting the concerned authority before taking any decision on which assisted living facility could be the best for your loved one.

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