Aromatherapy: effective use of essential oils to relieve pain

Aromatherapy: effective use of essential oils to relieve pain


Whether you are a patient of depression, anxiety, diabetes, sleep deprivation, or any other mental or physical illness, aromatherapy can prove to be an essential cure for your condition. Aromatherapy has been used for medicinal and health purposes along with skincare.  In this treatment, extracts from plants called essential oils are taken to either apply on the skin or to breathe them through the nose. The extracts which are taken from these plants are popularly known as essence. Even though essential oils have been used for thousands of years in different cultures, the usage of essence was made popular by the Koreans. Koreans have a ten step skincare regimen in which there is a lot of usage of essence to hydrate the skin. It increases collagen production and activates blood cells on your skin. 

What are essential oils?

The main source of essential oils is flowers, herbs, bark, roots, or petals. The essence of a plant can be taken out from the cells that make them fragrant. This essence is extracted from the plant and becomes an essential oil. True essential oils are extracted through a special process without using any chemicals. They are chemical-free and organic. Some of the most commonly used essential oil plants are lemon, chamomile, cedarwood, lavender, peppermint, and rosemary. 

How does aromatherapy work?

Aromatherapy is responsible for activating the smell receptors of your nose which give signals to your brain. These signals activate certain areas of your brain by developing a happy hormone called serotonin. People who have arthritis, joint pain, or any kind of numbness in muscles can get aromatherapy to combat their body pain. Sometimes, blood clots are also formed following a knee or a hip replacement surgery which is why first and foremost, you should consult your doctor and use medications like Eliquis to treat those blood clots. After getting treated for blood clots, the after effects of surgery can be prevented by aromatherapy which proves to be beneficial for your muscles and joints.  A Canadian based pharmacy called 90daymeds sells authentic medicines for any type of disease at the most affordable prices. 

Essential oils to treat sore muscles and pain

Massaging the essential oils on certain areas of your body can release stress and anxiety from your brain. Massage therapy using essential oils can be pretty helpful in treating sore muscles and pain. Essential oils must be used with carrier oils as their intensity may cause allergic reactions to the body. They are as follows:

1. Peppermint oil 

This oil gives a cooling effect to the sore muscles as it contains menthol. It is equipped with antispasmodic and anti-inflammatory properties that relieve stress from the muscles.

2. Lavender oil

When this oil is applied to a particular area of the skin, it gives calmness and relaxation to the nerves. The burning sensation caused by rashes may be treated by applying lavender oil along with any carrier oil as it contains anti-inflammatory properties. 

3. Rosemary oil

This oil is used to release tension and stress and can be applied on the side areas of the brain to ease anxiety. 

4. Ginger oil

Sore and stiff muscles can be relaxed by applying ginger oil to the affected areas. This oil helps relieve body pain and muscle spasms. 

5. Black pepper oil

It warms up your body to treat the pain in the muscles. As the temperature rises, the pain in the affected area reduces through its warming effect.

6. Cedarwood oil

It helps with hair loss, dry scalp, and eczema. It is highly effective for people with alopecia. Regular application can activate the hair follicles and brain nerves to produce energy-boosting hormones. 

7. Eucalyptus oil

This oil can be mixed with wintergreen, cypress oil and coconut oil to the achy muscles in order to relieve the tight muscles. These oils carry special properties to reduce muscle pain. 

8. Lemongrass oil

When lemongrass oil is mixed with wintergreen and cypress oil in an unscented lotion and applied to the affected areas then it can act as the arthritis reliever.

9. Cypress oil

All essential oils can be mixed together to treat different conditions like cypress oil can be mixed with peppermint oil and ginger oil to treat back and neck pain. Cayenne pepper and coconut oil can be added to the mixture to increase its effectiveness. 

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