About Assisted Living Costs Covered by Medicare

About Assisted Living Costs Covered by Medicare


Sam Assisted Living story and Costs Covered by Medicare

Harry had to leave his father, Sam for an assignment overseas and there was no one to look after his ailing father. So he decided to choose as assisted living facility near his residence where Sam could lead an independent life while being provided by assistance to help him in his daily activities like bathing, dressing, cooking and other day to day activities. Although he was not critically ill, Sam had to take medication on a daily basis and undergo routine examination being supervised by a qualified doctor. Harry thought it wise to give his father to an assisted living community, but was worried about whether assisted living costs covered by Medicare could be possible or not. On inquiring, here is what he learnt.

Assisted Living Costs Covered by Medicare

  • Although Medicare does not cover the costs of assisted living directly, there are ways by which you can avail the benefit of some of the costs being covered by Medicare. If the assisted living facility is providing services in skilled health care, which is supervised by a qualified doctor or a nurse, the cost of such health care is covered by Medicare. In that case the facility has to enter into an agreement with Medicare, elaborately defining which type of health care costs can be covered by Medicare.

    These include include:

  • routine vision
  • dental
  • hearing checkups
  • prescription drugs
  • fitness programs


The costs for short term stays in nursing homes is also covered by Medicare, which comes as a great relief for those who are financially constrained to bear the costs of assisted living for their loved ones.

The assisted living costs covered by Medicare vary from state to state in the US together with the eligibility criteria to be able to get such benefits. N the whole, the eligibility depends upon the income and assets of the person claiming the benefit, where home and vehicle are not included as assets. There are some plans introduced by Medicare under which costs for certain type of health care is covered by Medicare. As previously said that Medicare does not directly cover the costs of assisted living, there are certain resources that can help a person avail such benefits indirectly from Medicare. More details about assisted living costs covered by Medicare can be obtained by contacting a social worker or a counselor.

Harry was satisfied and relieved to learn the facts, and so he had no hesitation in choosing an assisted living facility for his father.

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Sholem Berkowitz
Sholem Berkowitz

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