5 Things You Should Know Before Starting the Keto Diet

5 Things You Should Know Before Starting the Keto Diet


Meta: Perhaps you’re considering starting a diet, probably to address your weight. Sure, you’ve heard of the keto diet. But with all the knowledge out there, did you know these basic facts? Educate yourself today!

Keto Diet Burn Fat

“I’ve lost 200 pounds in the past 6 months since I went into ketosis!” While some statements sound ludicrous, you have heard them for sure, probably on TV or even from a friend. There are a bunch of diet plans out there that promise to give you the shape of Catriona Gray and a diverse list of workout programs promising you the world.

Keto diet is just another one of the latest craze that can be considered as an upgrade of the 2000 Atkin’s Diet. We cannot deny the amazing benefits and changes people have witnessed since starting the keto diet. Nonetheless, it is common for humans to have a desire to try out everything that’s working for others with the hopes that they’ll witness the same results – or better yet. So, you find beginners running around searching for the best keto pills in hopes of quicker results.

But what exactly are you oblivious of when it comes to starting the keto diet? What should you know before you even consider a keto diet plan for beginners? Read on to find out!

Keto Diet Explained for Beginners

Keto is generally categorized into the list of low-carb diets. The twist with a keto diet is that you extremely minimize the carb intake and significantly increase your fat content. This forces the body to burn fat for fuel and energy in the form of ketones. It takes around a few days up to the first 2 weeks for one to enter the ketogenic state. It manifests differently from person to person since people have different body structures.

Foods and fruits with sugars and starch are generally done away with while the protein intake remains at a medium level. This might, however, be unsustainable to maintain for a long time, depending on a person’s body demands and available resources. Analyze the following facts before you consider how to start the keto diet for beginners.

1. Body Variations

Just as eye scans show how our eyes are different from our twins, so are our bodies differ from one individual to another. Some enter ketosis within the first 3 days while others may take weeks to achieve this. It’s not really about using the set limits of 5% carbs:20%protein:75% fats, to deliver results. You can vary this till you start experiencing the desired results. There aren’t any legitimate tests that can assure you that you are in the ketogenic state, but simple urine tests might help.

2. Nasty Side Effects of Keto Diet

Don’t think it’s all high and mellow with the keto diet. You’re likely to experience the keto flu and keto breath as you are starting the keto diet. The flu is described by feelings of nausea, grogginess, and headaches, since your brain energy is low, and you are dehydrated due to frequent urination.

Bad breath is as a result of the ketones production. You’ll have to start chewing mint, using mouthwash on regular and drinking gallons of water to get by these symptoms.

3. Who are the Best and Worst Foods during Keto Diet


Pastries and boiled eggs

To be on the safe side, we will provide you with a shopping list for keto diet beginners and briefly list the foods you should avoid. It is crucial to know your meal plan, as this will help you even in the long run.

You can start using more of:

  • Veggies such as broccoli, cucumber, asparagus.
  • Fish, including sardines, lots of salmons, trouts.
  • Nuts and seeds.
  • Fruits including berries, avocado, melons.
  • Fats and oils (natural options).
  • Dairy products, including yogurt, cheese, heavy cream.
  • Eggs


  • Grains and wheat
  • Low-fat products
  • Processed foods
  • Artificial sweeteners and sugars.

4. Who Should Keep off?

Keto diet is not for one and all. Those with heart problems and issues with high-fat content, on high blood pressure medication, diabetic, and breastfeeding mothers are not advised to try out ketosis. Generally, it is particularly important to first consult your MD before taking the keto diet to thought.

5. Points to Note

It’s not generally hard to maintain the keto diet, especially if you are properly educated on it. You don't have to get into any workout program, but keto diet has been found to increase the results and effects of any workout plan widely. Should you want to get off it, do it with moderation, focusing on whole-foods such as whole grains, sweet potatoes, and fruits.


There you go, simplistic tips to get you started on the keto diet. You should ideally weigh the pros versus the cons if you are keen on starting. So, is the keto diet right for you? Keep the conversation flowing in the comment box!

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