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Assisted living, senior living care options and services in Avante At Waynesboro

Avante At Waynesboro is located at 1221 Rosser Ave,Waynesboro, VA / Virginia 22980. The assisted living facility service is rated for 109 seniors.

Avante At Waynesboro is assisted living service for seniors. If you need help with your daily activities (ADLs), assisted living facilities are special facilities are what offer the medium service between independent living communities and nursing homes.

Avante At Waynesboro offers assisted living and senior care in Waynesboro City .

Avante At Waynesboro facility service is for 109 seniors.

This service is described as Skilled Nursing

Assisted living services, senior care, retirement and regulations description

Seniors and older adults in an assisted living facility like Avante At Waynesboro usually need help with some basic daily needs. Assisted living facilities offer services like Independent Living, Personalized Assisted Living, and Memory Care for Alzheimer’s and Rehabilitation, Dementia, and Skilled Nursing. You will also receive assisted care with medication, mobility, meal preparation, eating, bathing, dressing and housekeeping. You can also find offers like Continuing Care Retirement Communities where residents can live without moving if they need nursing care. Most of the facilities are providing rehabilitation, fitness, educational programming for seniors, and health services to seniors.

In general assisted living facilities like Avante At Waynesboro require private pay in most cases. The assisted living is usually not covered by Medicare and Medicaid, exceptions can be met. What is the average price for assisted living and who pays for assisted living facilities are the general questions.

What is the average price for assisted living?

One-bedroom unit in an assisted living facility like Avante At Waynesboro is $3,500, according to Cost of Care Survey by Genworth Financial Inc. That's $42,000 per year for the basic program.

Who pays for assisted living facilities?

The pay for Assisted Living is in about $2,000 - $5,000 monthly. Some people that their insurance will pay. But it's important to know that Medicare will not pay your assisted living.

How much does it cost to live in an independent living facility?

Independent living range of costs depends from subsidized housing if we talk about low-income seniors or CCRCs covering options for long-term Independent living care. In US, the average par month cost of independent living ranges is in about $1,500 to $3,500.

Avante At Waynesboro supports residents in Waynesboro City and the close by areas. Avante At Waynesboro facility service is for 109 seniors. If you need more specific services like skilled nursing you should look for larger facilities like ……(larger) with a wider range of services.

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1221 Rosser Ave Waynesboro, VA 22980




17 May 2016

Avante At Waynesboro


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