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Arizona Assisted living facilities, cost, reviews and pricing

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Assisted Living in Arizona

Arizona is one of the top retirement locations, and there’s a reason for that. About 50 years ago, the first Active Adult Community in the nation was built in Sun City.  The sunny days and plethora of golf courses are some of the things that retirees can enjoy in this state. On top of this, Arizona is known to be a tax-friendly state, with lots of gorgeous parks like the Grand Canyon National Park and the Red Rock State Park. One of the better parts of all of this is that outdoorsy people won’t have to travel much in order to enjoy the marvelous nature this state has to provide.

If you want to find out more about the senior living costs in Arizona, as well as the facilities and benefits that they are offering, search no further. Here, at Assisted Living Facilities, we have collected all the important information about the senior living options that are available in this state, including but not limited to, independent living facilities and various assisted care facilities. We also have information on the support systems that have been put in place, as well as the amenities that each of these facilities have to offer. If you already have an idea on where in Arizona you’d like to retire to, feel free to use the list below to find the closest senior living facility near your city of choice.

Arizona has a low cost of living owing to the low housing, utility, food and transportation costs. This means that retirees don’t have to sacrifice anything in order to lead a comfortable life. Some of the more affordable places to live in this state are Florene, Buckeye, and Goodyear. The average home prices at these areas range anywhere from $100,000 to 200,000, which is a good deal when compared to the less affordable states like California and New York.

Home healthcare in Arizona has an average monthly cost of $4,004, while adult daycare has an average monthly cost of $1,766. Seniors that need assistance with daily tasks but are otherwise mostly independent and healthy should take a look at home healthcare. Adult daycare centers exist in the state so as to free up some time for primary caregivers and provide seniors with all the care they need at a community center.

Arizona population 65-85+

Assisted living facilities in Arizona have an average monthly cost of about $3,500. These facilities provide their residents with an intermediate level of long-term care. Seniors that need assistance with daily chores and are unable to live alone at home reside in these facilities where they receive all the assistance and care they need in order to lead a comfortable life. For people that need 24/7 professional nursing care should take a look at the various nursing homecare centers available throughout the state for an average monthly cost ranging anywhere from $6,388 to $7,604, for semi-private and private rooms, respectfully. 

Benefits of Choosing Arizona for Senior Living

There are lots of things to appreciate when retiring in Arizona. Below, we have listed some of the more alluring ones.

Arizona senior living infographic

Sunny Days

If you are a person that enjoys living in sunny and warm places, you will love retiring in Arizona. The winter temperatures in Phoenix are close to the summer temperatures in the southeast, without the humidity. It’s usually warm during daytime while the nights can get cooler. Because of the fact that Arizona is quite drier when compared to other states, people with allergies will have an easy time going through the day.

Retirees that enjoy rain don’t have to rule out Arizona as a possible retirement state. Rainfall levels vary throughout the state, depending on where you’ve chosen to retire to. If you prefer higher humidity, the mountain areas might be the right choice for you while the desert regions are ideal for people that prefer drier climates. To give you an idea about the humidity in this state, the average annual rainfall in the desert areas is about 3 inches while the mountain areas can get more than 30 inches of rainfall every year.

People that like variable temperature and more distinct seasons prefer Flagstaff because it’s cooler than the other state areas like Lake Havasu City, Phoenix, and Coolidge.

Social Activities and Attractions in Arizona

Arizona has lots of affordable activities and places for seniors to enjoy in. The Grand Canyon National Park is popular among people that enjoy in beautiful views, and the Red Rock State Park in Sedona is another place like this.

Arizona has lots to offer, starting from golf courses, through hand gliding in the desert, and the Colorado River is there for you if you like fishing, while Flagstaff is one of the top destinations for snow lovers. Seniors that enjoy tasting new foods, fine wines, micro brews, restaurants and celebrity chefs will love the Scottsdale Culinary Festival which lasts for 6 days and is visited by many. The Arizona State Fair in Phoenix is known for the concerts, rodeos, racing, food booths that occur each year and attract numerous visitors from all around the nation. These activities are just some of the many, since Arizona is a home to various bike trails, retail centers, and hiking trails.

Another benefit for seniors is that most of the national parks have discounts for seniors aged 55+ or 65+, depending on the attraction. Lots of the restaurants in the state also have seniors’ discounts for their meals.

Las but not least, people that don’t like to travel much will find something to do right in their backyard. Being a home to lots of wildlife, people living in Arizona will surely meet some of the more popular animals that live here, including coyotes, snakes, bobcats, roadrunners, and javelinas.

Diverse State

Very few states have cities that can cater to everyone’s taste. Arizona is one of those states since its cities are as diverse as people’s lifestyles. Some of them include Phoenix which is considered to be affordable and practical, while in Scottsdale you can enjoy high-end resort living. Flagstaff is a popular destination for people that are not too fond of hot weather, while Sedona can provide spiritual inspiration and marvelous sights.

Seniors’ Tax Benefits

Retirees living in Arizona won’t have to worry about Social Security retirement benefits taxes since it doesn’t have any. This is a good thing for seniors that are living off their savings in their later years. On top of that, retirees in this state don’t pay inheritance, estate, or gift taxes.

Arizona also has property tax reliefs for widows, widowers, and disabled individuals. Those that are qualified might also be entitled for reduction of the assessed value of their property for up to $3,000 with an equivalent reduction in property tax.

Senior Living Options

Arizona has lots of senior living options to choose from, be it independent living, assisted living, memory care, or nursing homecare. Each of these forms of senior living are further elaborated down below in order to help you figure out which is the right for you.

Arizona Independent Living

With over 200 independent living communities to choose from all over Arizona, healthy and active seniors which prefer independent living will surely find a place to call home. The independent living communities in this state are in an ongoing standard development so as to make sure seniors are receiving quality service. The average monthly cost of about $2,382 allows seniors access to community housing and all amenities that they have to offer. Keep in mind that independent living communities don’t offer personal care services like assistance with personal grooming, eating, and dressing. They do offer help with transport, housekeeping chores, and meal preparation. Independent living communities have lots of social activities that are senior-oriented.

Most of the independent living communities in Arizona are located near convenience stores, churches, hospitals, and restaurants, which makes it easy for seniors to get around.

Apart from independent living communities, lots of rentable apartments are available for seniors aged 55+. The costs for these apartments varies depending on the location you choose to settle in, but most of them are designed in such a way so as to provide seniors with all they need in order to live a comfortable life. Most communities have gyms, community pools, theaters, and lots more. As it is with independent living communities, apartments don’t offer personal care services, daily assistance, or medical surveillance.

This all supports the fact that independent living in Arizona is best suited for healthy and active seniors that prefer living on their own but surrounded by their peers.

Assisted Living in Arizona

Being a home to a big number of retirees, Arizona has lots of assisted living facilities to pick and choose from. Assisted living communities offer all the help seniors need while you can still feel at home, filled with lots of social activities, experienced caregivers, great healthcare, and a wide range of social and local activities.

The average monthly cost for living at one of these facilities is $1,100 to $6,700. This makes the average monthly cost of about $3,500. When compared to other states, the assisted living costs in Arizona are lower, as well as when compared to the national average. The most expensive assisted living communities can be found in the Flagstaff metropolitan area, for an average monthly cost of $4,000 to $4,750. The more affordable communities can be located around the Yuma area, for an average monthly cost ranging from $1,635 to $3,500.

Seniors that are looking for a comfortable living option in Arizona, as well as help with daily tasks like housekeeping, laundry services, transport, and meal preparation among many, will feel right at home at one of these assisted living facilities, which have ‘round the clock surveillance so as to make sure that its residents are safe and secure.

Memory Care cost in Arizona

Arizona is the state with lowest memory cost in the Southwest, with an average cost of $3,458 per month. States that border Arizona have an average monthly cost that can range anywhere from as low as $3,857 to as high as $4,714. This state also has many research facilities that work towards understanding and treating Alzheimer’s and other dementia-related ailments which is a good thing for seniors that live here, since they will surely receive the latest advances in memory care treatment.

There are also dozens of memory care centers all over the state, working towards helping seniors with daily tasks like getting dressed, meal preparation, personal care and grooming, and taking the daily medications. Some centers also have a 24/7 staff which care for the residents with advanced dementia at these centers.

Memory care in Arizona

Nursing Homes, skilled nursing and respite care in Arizona 

Arizona also has lots of nursing homes all over the state, and they provide adult daycare, skilled nursing, as well as nursing and respite care.

One of the most important things to do when you get old is to stay active and have a good quality of life. Arizona’s adult daycare nursing homes are designed in such a way so as to keep their residents’ minds engaged with lots of activities which include, but are not limited to art therapy, music therapy, and aquatics. There are also constant health screenings, guided exercises, nutrition plans, as well as daily and nightly supervision – all for the benefit of the residents in these adult daycare centers. The average monthly costs for adult daycare in Arizona can range anywhere from $1,408 to $2,990, with a total average cost of $1,766 per month.

While end-of-life quality services might be overlooked somewhere, this is not the case with Arizona. The hospices that are available in this state have a relaxed and pleasing environment, providing terminally ill patients with guidance through the last days of their life, as well as providing support to combat loneliness. Arizona has over 450 hospices and they are equipped with professional staff that is trained on how to best manage pain relief for their residents with the help of medications and social activities. Families can receive counseling and help so as to provide the best care and attention that their elderly deserve, as well as grief counseling for the days to come. Hospice care costs are covered by Medicaid, Medicare, and most private insurances, and the administrative staff will gladly help their prospective patients with hospice care qualifications. The average annual cost of hospice care in Arizona is $55,080, with a monthly range of as low as $3,300 to as high as $6,000.

Another form of nursing homes that are available in Arizona is respite care. These sorts of facilities provide temporary care for dependent seniors, as well as handicapped or ill people. By using the services that are provided in these facilities, primary caregivers will have enough time to recuperate and take care of their daily obligations, as well as lead a more relaxed life. There are over 400 respite care facilities in Arizona, and they provide short-term care for seniors. The average monthly costs for a stay at these facilities can vary anywhere from as low as $6,308 to as high as $12,833, a price that is mostly determined by the location of the respite care facility or the level of care that is needed. These facilities offer various nursing home services and amenities, like three meals per day, housekeeping and laundry assistance, transport, social activities, personal care, medication management, and round’ the clock supervision and security – just to name a few.

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The state of Arizona has 2464 assisted living facilities.

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Assisted-living-facilities.net will provide you with the most comprehensive information about the number of 2464 assisted living facilities for seniors that are currently available in Arizona.

The most popular assisted living services in Arizona are:

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  • Retirement Community
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Cost for Assisted Living in Arizona

The average monthly starting costs for assisted living facilities in Arizona (higher for residents requiring memory care) starts and depends on the level of care the resident. The average monthly cost of assisted living in Arizona starts from $2,100 to $3,700.

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